Why Choose InstaFit

Why Choose InstaFit

Why Choose InstaFit

Why Choose InstaFit

Fast & Efficient

INSTAFIT, as its name suggested, is designed to be very quick and simple to install, reducing on-site delays and ultimately the cost of labor.

Being 80% lighter than steel scaffolding, the Aluminium INTAKS system takes far less time, truck tonnage, and manpower to put up and pack down.

Building sites are also more accessible and efficient when using INTAKS, thanks to its very wide spans and no ground footprint. Ground space and lower walls are clear for multiple trades to work simultaneously, meaning the site progresses more quickly, and tighter build schedules can be achieved.

By the Industry, For the Industry

why choose INSTAFIT was designed by veterans of the scaffolding and building industry, purpose-developed to overcome the challenges and shortcomings of traditional scaffolding systems.

This wealth of industry experience continues to be called on as we develop the INTAKS system further, to meet industry, client, and legislative Health & Safety demands.

Highly Adaptable

One system, 20+ different multi-functional configurations.

The INSTAFIT scaffolding and roof edge protection system offers a range of interconnecting components that can be used in many ways, adapting to virtually any job or terrain and minimizing the amount of equipment required on-site.

Superior Safety

INSTAFIT scaffolding and roof edge protection system has been precision-engineered and tested to the most rigorous safety standards.

Work with full confidence, knowing INSTAFIT offers industry-leading levels of safety and compliance. Potential liability is eliminated with a complete, certified roof edge protection system you can trust.

Saving Time & Cost

INSTAFIT was designed and developed to provide exceptional long-term value, cost effectiveness, and operational efficiency.

Using INSTAFIT scaffolding and roof edge protection offers multiple time and cost savings to scaffolding and building professionals. It requires less time, truck tonnage, and labor to install, and allows for multiple trades to work simultaneously, so a site can progress more quickly.


The INSTAFIT system was purpose-designed to be exceptionally flexible, and suitable for almost every type of construction project. Click here to view why choose INSTAFIT’ 20+ different scaffolding and roof edge protection configurations, or view our galleries of Residential Applications and Commercial Applications.

 Additional Features

Why choose INSTAFIT scaffolding and roof edge protection not only delivers reliable safety and time and cost savings, the system also includes additional features to expedite site progress.

 Simple yet Sophisticated

Specifically designed by the industry, for the industry, to ensure it is swift, simple, and straightforward to use on-site – yet highly sophisticated in terms of features and configurations

 Partnership & Support

When your project requires a well-considered or custom solution, we’re at your side with expert knowledge and engineering support.

Contact Us

For all your inquires regarding Scaffoldings Purchase or Rentals, please feel free to contact us on:

360 Degree Global Equipments Pvt Ltd.,

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