Types of industry sectors at risk

Types of industry sectors at risk

Types of industry sectors at risk

Types of industry sectors at risk

Industry statistics point to evidence that workers in this sector.  Scaffold, Roofers, Roof-line, Cleaning and Maintenance, Painters and Decorators, Lighting and Cabling operators, all face, danger, each and every day.

I have quickly begun to realize what an important lesson I had learnt.  How close to a personal injury I had come. How, through what I regarded as a simple task at home, could have, cost me dearly.

Not just financially, if I had have fallen a broke a leg or ankle, or worse!  But what if… I had injured my back and couldn’t work.

The physical cost of having and providing you and your staff with the right equipment and the right safety training, cannot be compared, to the cost of an injury, a prosecution claim, or the ultimate price, in a fatality or loss of life.

It does happen… and sadly with fairly regular occurrence. types of industry sectors risk

Education… is vital!

Safety Training is vital!

When working at height, you get just one chance to get it right.  One opportunity to do the right thing.

One slip, one fall can change a life or… end a life. type industry sectors risk

One piece of equipment failure, or equipment being used for the wrong application.  One short cut in setting and adhering to the safety standards, or understanding the safety standards, can impact dearly on the general public who may be in danger, but also to you, your staff and your business.

So… want my advice?

Get the right safety training… when working At Height?

Use the right equipment… when

Working At Height.

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