Stairway Aluminium Scaffolding System

Stairway Aluminium Scaffolding System

Stairway Aluminium Scaffolding System

Stairway Aluminium Scaffolding System

Stairway Aluminium Scaffolding System It’s essential to make available of working platforms to the workforce for the material handling purpose Instafit, a wide range of Aluminium Scaffoldings offered by 360 Degree Global Equipment, provides you the solution for your aerial access work platform needs. 

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit
Color Silver
Wheels 4
Ladder Type Step Ladder
Surface Type Hot Dipped Galvanized
Maximum Load Customized

Stairway Aluminium Scaffolding System

  • Scaffolding Width: 1350mm and 1900mm
  • Scaffolding Length: 1800mm, 2500mm
  • Working Height : 4500mm, to 12350mm


  • The stairway scaffolding provides optimum safety owing to its staircase system, along with handrail feature. It is ideal for large load capacity climbing in addition to allowing access to elevated heights.APPLICATION Installation works where hoisting materials is difficult or dangerous For highest safety ascent


The supreme benefit of having Instafit Aluminium Scaffolding for your aerial work access platform needs is that the Instafit Scaffoldings are light in weight. Because Instafit Scaffoldings are made up of high quality, high temper aluminium alloys. The other advantage of having Instafit Aluminium Scaffoldings at your site is its portability.  Our scaffolding are offering the users a maximum possible stability.  aluminium scaffoldings More Search Terms: Mobile Tower Scaffolding Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding ,Scaffolding on hire, manufacturers, Rental,  supplier, on rent Scaffolding Price Aluminium Tower Scaffolding aluminium scaffoldings

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