Aluminium Scaffolding Rental in Pune

Aluminium Scaffolding Rental in Pune

Aluminium Scaffolding Rental in Pune

Aluminium Scaffolding Rental in Pune

Please find Our Products from, Aluminium scaffolding rental in Pune and Aluminium scaffolding Manufacturers in Pune, 360 Degree Global Equipment also offers Aluminium Scaffolding Rental services in Pune. Aluminium scaffolding is a temporary structure that is used to support the work crew by aiding them in material handling.

Instafit, The Aluminium ladder in PuneWe are a trusted Aluminium ladder rent in India and we supply Aluminium ladders in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pune, and Hyderabad. Top-quality Aluminium ladder price in Chennai. Our products are made by using high grade material which is sourced from leading vendors of the industry in Chennai.

Aluminium Scaffolding Rental in Pune:

INSTAFIT is the leading Aluminium scaffolding sale in Chennai of all kinds of ultramodern scaffolding products are available. Aluminium Scaffolding and Aluminium ladders all around Pune and beyond. Today, we manufacture, distribute, supply and export Aluminium ladder and aluminium scaffolding all around the city. We prime steel are renowned manufacturers of Alloy Scaffold Tower, scaffolding accessories, industrial scaffold tower, and mobile scaffold tower in Chennai.

we fabricate an aluminium scaffolding platform with all well being ensured, with changed parts that keep away from powerless parts and all the vital security and fixing gadgets, so you can work at stature with no danger.

These systems can be assembled faster and they are cost-effective. They are rustproof, easy to maintain and less labour oriented.

Instafit Top quality Aluminium Scaffolding sale price in Pune, Aluminium Scaffolding sale price and leading suppliers of Aluminium scaffolding platform, offers a wide range of Aluminium ladder sale price in Chennai. Scaffolding platform,  Mobile Tower Scaffolds, H frame Scaffolding, Cup lock Scaffolding, are available for rent in Chennai, Bangalore and across India at affordable prices. Called an Aluminium scaffold tower, it is similar to the structure of a watchtower as it comes with a work platform usually on the top to aid the workers. As a renowned Aluminium scaffolding sale price & supplier in Pune.

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit
Material MS
Usage/Application Industrial
Brand 360 Degree Global Equipments Pvt Ltd
Size Section 66 x 32 x 3.18mm
Colour Red, Yellow, Green


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Hindalco makes a step made up of 26mm x 3mm thickness non-slip, extra grip round corrugated flutted pipe steps. High quality leg grip rubber shoes for top and bottom. Maximum working load: 90 kgs

Available height

Minimum 4 feet – maximum of 24 feet

Available types

Skidproof fluted mullion
Skidproof round rungs

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