Aluminium Scaffolding in Chennai

Aluminium Scaffolding in Chennai

Aluminium Scaffolding in Chennai

Aluminium Scaffolding in Chennai for Sale and Rent

INSTAFIT Leading Aluminium Scaffolding in Chennai is a renowned and one of the leading company in Chennai and Aluminium ladders in Chennai, Aluminium scaffolding manufacturer, and Aluminium Ladder supplier in the whole dynamic city of Chennai. We are producing and marketing all kinds of aluminium ladders and aluminium scaffolding for industry, commerce, office, and home, the company aims, from the specialization, to promote the business of portable ladders, platforms and scaffolding of aluminium maintaining the highest standards of quality and an optimum level of service, improving the competitiveness of the product.

We are manufacturing stairs in different materials, adapting each of them to the different types of work that can be done. In this way, our models are adapted to all the needs of the market, manufacturing them to measure if necessary. All our products are examined and guaranteed in accordance with the current regulations for the prevention of accidents. Our brands and quality certificates are also a guarantee of the quality control and design that we always carry out.

For Hiring Aluminium Scaffolding in Chennai

The project is lesser than 12 weeks
The building work is at a high level (Over 6.0m )
The building is in an awkward shape or curved
You are not happy with erecting your own scaffold
For Buying Aluminium Scaffolding in Bangalore

Requires the scaffolds for at least 12 weeks
The average height of scaffold is 6.0m or less
A Simple Building with straight-line elevations
You are happy to have a go at erecting your own scaffold
These points can help you to decide which is best whether to rent scaffolding or to purchase Aluminium Scaffolding in Chennai for your project, however, if your construction will take longer than 12 weeks, but is complicated, at a high level, in exposed locations, etc. you may decide to buy Aluminium Scaffolding in Chennai and employ a scaffolder just to erect it in stages to suit your pace of build.

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 10 Meter
Material Aluminum
Color Silver
Anti-Corrosion Yes
Height 10 Meter
Width Double
Meterial Aluminium
Brand Instafit
Warranty 1 Year

We offer the best Aluminum Scaffold Tower with Stairway. Developed by making use of supreme quality aluminium and other required basic material. We offer these scaffolds in different heights and sizes that can be customized as per the requirements of the clients.


  • Scaffolding width: 1.35 metre
  • Scaffolding length: 1.80 2.0 metre
  • Working heights can be extended from 4.0 to max. 12.35 m with standard parts
  • Comfortable entry into the scaffolding from outside through the wide entry frame stairways with 100 mm deep, non-slip tread surfaces and entry platform
  • 200 kg/m loading capacity i.e. depending on platform size from 500 kg to max. 560 kg
  • The non slip platform with large size trap door and solid platform rails with toe guard confirm the industrial standards.
  • The max. platform heights are limited based on outdoors or enclosed area of application.
  • Stabilizers are standard part of supply in working heights above 6 metre.

Stay In Control With A Scaffolding Rental in Bangalore

If you are opting to hire scaffolding equipment to Chennai allow being in control of how much you pay back per month for Scaffolding rental services.
No Worries, simply opted for a longer lease term with a lower monthly payment so as to keep your cash flow as healthy as possible.
Are you an older or more established firm?
Then opt for leasing and keep the money you have worked so hard for, in your business as opposed to wasting it on an asset that may only be used a few times a year. If you are looking to hire Scaffolding in Chennai,

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