Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding

Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding

Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding

Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding

Aluminium moblie scaffolding. The majority of the workforce believe that Instafit Aluminium Mobile Tower Scaffoldings provides more portability. Aluminium Scaffolding allows uncomplicated and quicker assembly. Whenever an aluminium scaffolding is taken to a work-site, it can be setup easily.

Another important aspect that Instafit Aluminium mobile  Scaffoldings offering is its costing. Aluminium is one of the most affordable metal available to make various types of scaffolding. The most vital character of Aluminium scaffolding is its long lasting ability under various weather and working conditions. Also, one can use Instafit Aluminium Scaffoldings in various situations, which adds more to the cost effectiveness.

The complete Instafit Aluminium Scaffolding arrangement is more or less like “structuring a block” kind of design. Which does not involve any tools for assembly / installation. The quick setting up of an Instafit  Aluminium Scaffolding is an efficient assistant for various types of aerial works. Instafit Aluminium Scaffoldings are known to provide access to complicated work spaces like stairs, corners of the walls and narrow areas. The Single Width Aluminium Mobile Tower Scaffoldings are effective to fit in a constricted space and convenient at the same point of time.


Instafit Aluminium Scaffoldings are always known for its stability. It offers the users a maximum feasible stability. Instafit Aluminium Scaffoldings are made up of materials with high temper aluminium alloy, which offers excellent load bearing capacity when compared with its weight. Instafit Scaffoldings have reinforced joints and significantly made to bear more weight and support. This improved strength to weigh ratio will add more reliability. More Search Terms: Aluminium Scaffolding Mobile Tower Scaffolding Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding Scaffolding on hire Aluminium scaffolding manufacturers Aluminium Scaffolding Rental Aluminium scaffolding supplier Scaffolding on rent Scaffolding Price Aluminium Tower Scaffolding

Product Details:

Wheels 4
Anodised Yes
Ladder Type Step Ladder
Brand Instafit
Max Load 210 kg
Number Of Wheels 4


  • All pipes are made up of aluminum alloy he 30 grade t6 temper.
  • Hindalco make : step made up of 50mm od 2. 5mm thickness
  • H frame height 2000mm width 1350 mm
  • Cabin height 1000mm width 1350 mm
  • Platform size 580mm x 1690 mm with aluminum chequred sheet
  • Stairway tube size 25mm x 75mm height 2500mm 8 steps width 3 “
  • Hand rails / horizontal bar/ diagonal bar dia 50mm x 2mm thickness
  • Ii “u” clamp, nylon wheels with foot brake systems
  • Outer trigger for four side corner (if necessary)
  • Non slip, extra grip flat corrugated mullion steps
  • High quality leg grip chequred sheet for top of the platform
  • Maximum working load : 270 kgs

Available Height:

  • Platform height 0. 2m x reaching height 4. 2m
  • Platform height 4. 2m x reaching height 6. 2m
  • Platform height 6. 2m x reaching height 8. 2m
  • Platform height 8. 2m x reaching height 10. 2m
  • Platform height 10. 2m x reaching height 12. 2m
  • Platform height 12. 2m x reaching height 14. 2m
  • Platform height 14. 2m x reaching height 16. 2m

Platform Size:

  • Platform 2 meter x 1. 350 meter
  • Note: 12 Months Warranty

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