Scaffolding Rental and Solutions

Scaffolding Rental and Solutions

Scaffolding Rental and Solutions

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InstaFit Aluiminium Mobile Tower Scaffoldings mainly specializes in equipment rental and scaffolding solutions. Its line of high quality aluminium products and related services meet the growing demands of its customers:

Construction industry:
• Industrial,
• Institutional,
• Commercial and
• Civil engineering sectors

InstaFit Aluiminium Mobile Tower Scaffoldings’s reputation is attributable to a professional service which fills its customers’ specific needs. The high quality and diversity of its products optimize the productivity and benefits of their projects.

InstaFit Aluiminium Mobile Tower Scaffoldings has always taken into account the various needs of its diverse clientele. A line of services and products corresponding to the various requirements of customers was developed. Eager to offer the highest quality, InstaFit Aluiminium Mobile Tower Scaffoldings chose aluminium products rather than steel, because of the advantageous characteristics of this material:

  • Lightweight (three times lighter than steel)
    • Easy handling reducing installation time and ensuring savings in terms of labour
    • Corrosion resistance
    • Solidity
    • Unlimited lifespan
    • Higher load capacity

InstaFit Aluiminium Mobile Tower Scaffoldings Rental:

Specialist in scaffolding and formwork solutions

Providing efficient service for the rental of modern aluminum scaffolding equipments and formwork, to a diversified clientele while ensuring a rapid and courteous service.

Offering high-quality products, at all times, thanks to our stringent quality-control system.
Offering an efficient, quick, and flexible service to clients and ensuring optimal work-site provision.

Innovating with the development of products and services to meet the needs of the market.

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