Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding

Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding

Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding

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InstaFit Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding

Instafit presents a broad variety of scaffold applications to cover your access requirements.

From small home or residential maintenance works to fully engineered commercial structures that are designed and built to suit all applications. From Aluminium Mobile Tower scaffolding ranging from working heights at 2 meters to 14 meters,  InstaFit is your best option when it comes to Scaffoldings.

InstaFit offers you an extensive range of Aluminium Mobile Scaffold to suit your confined access needs

Aluminium Scaffolding for Hire

Need a Scaffold Tower to paint your house?

We have mobile Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding at sensible rates.

Industrial, Trade and Home users

Extra wide and stable work platform

Can be built up from 1.8m to a maximum deck height of 3.9m without a scaffolding license.

225kg per platform SWL (2 person)

Fully welded construction

Super tough T6 aluminium frames and braces

Weather resistant platform

Quick set up and pull down time

Complies with international standard BS EN 1004

Daily and weekly rates available. Long term rates.

We are experts in mobile scaffolding structures.

We provide the safest, quickest and most efficient way to do the job.

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